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Parker Foundation[edit | edit source]

On the 16th of November 1619, the Rev. William Parker, rector of All Saints Church, who owned land in Ore as well as his own parish wrote a clause in his will that provided income to fund an educational establishment for the children of the town. The lands providing the income were left first to his wife, Judith during her lifetime and then would pass to the Corporation:

towards the maintenance of a religious and godlie Schoolmaster in the Towne which shall instruct & teach the youth of the Inhabitants of Hasting in Learning, manners & other vertuous education to gett their living.

The will further stipulated;

I will and ordaine that the said Schoolmaster shalbe elected, nominated and Chosen by the Jurats for the time being Inhabiting within the said parish of All Saints, and by my heires successivelie, if he be grown out of his minoriti so longe as there shalbe any heire of my bloud of the name of Parker inhabiting in Hasting."

The will clearly intended for any schoolmaster to be of good character, for there were further clauses detailing the powers of the Jurats and trustees to remove any master who fell short. Some nine days after signing this will, William Parker was buried at All Saints on the 25th of that month.[1]

Head Teachers[edit | edit source]

Parker’s School
1638 - ? Barholomew Stiles
Circa 1675 William Parker
Richard Lovell (d. 1681)
Saunder’s School
(Founded 1708)
Schools Combined
1738 – 1759 Samuel Cant
1759 – 1781 John Shorter
1781 – 1791 John Goldsworthy Shorter
1791 – 1800 Unknown
1800 – 1816 Joseph Hannay[Notes 1]
Parker’s School Saunder’s School
1816 – 1817 Benjamin Slade 1812 – 1818 (closed)
1817 – 1832 James Thorpe 1818 – 1819 William Henry Pryor
1819 – 1833 George Rubie
1833 – 1848 George Rubie[2] 1833 – 1844 John Banks[2]
1844 – 1848 William Bevins
1848 – 1878 John Banks 1848 – 1870 Frederick William Foster
Hastings Grammar School (1878 -)
1880 – 1888 William Edward McGill, M.A (Cantab.)
1888 – 1913 William Henry La Touche, M.A. (Cantab.)
1913 – 1935 Percival Smith Barlow, M.A. (Cantab.), B.Sc. (Leeds)
(1915 – 1919) Re. Dr Thoma James Thorburn, D.D. (Cantab.), LL.D. (Acting)
1936 – 1961 Mervyn George Garth Hyder, M.A., B.Sc. (Oxon)
-1961 George Henry Henshall, B.A. (Manc), F.R.G.S

Footnotes (including sources)[edit]

  1. Brett puts his date of resignation of Parkers' school as being in 1813 Brett Manuscripts Vol. 1 Chapt. VIII