Croft Road

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Croft Road
Other Names
Former name(s)Church Street[1]
Cavendish Terrace
Croft Lane
JunctionsHill Street
Priory Road
The Croft
Places of WorshipSt Clements Church
Croft Chapel

The modern-day Croft Road is comprised of three separate roads that were merged in 1897. The lower portion adjacent to St Clements Church being Church Street, then Cavendish Terrace finally leading into Croft Road.



Name Street No From To
57 Croft Road 57 1817
59 Croft Road 59 1817
Bates Dairy
Cavendish Place
Croft Chapel 1805 1972
Darlington House 55 1817
Edward's Rest 23
S. J. Griffin 1930 1932


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