Zebulon Morfee

From Historical Hastings

Zebulon Morfee comes to our attention by virtue of a newspaper report dating to 1759, which states[1]:

On Friday June 22 one Zebulon Morfee An Inhabitant of Hastings, a Deferter from one of his Majefty’s Ships, came out into the Town with a loaded Mufket, threatening to fhoot every one that came near him, on Information being given to Edward Millward, Efq; Mayor, he immediately went in Purfuit of him, and found him retired to his own Houfe, being armed with four Piftols and two Mufkets, one of which he prefented at the Mayor; through the Window on his demanding him to furrender, which he refufed, uttering a good deal of fcurrilous Language, the Mayor infifted on having him alive or dead, and bid him fhoot, and he immediately forced open the Door, and after difarming him with proper Affiftance, fecured him in the Town Gaol

References & Notes

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