Yelton Hotel

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Yelton Hotel
General information
Address1-8 White Rock
Postal CodeTN34 1JU
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Admin. Information
Prop. Ref. No.10002501058

Originally at Numbers 1 and 2 White Rock, from the late 1890s the hotel was called the Yelton House Boarding Establishment, a first class Boarding House. The business ( started by Mr & Mrs P.T Notley would later expand into No's 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7 & 8. Later renamed the Yelton Hotel (Yelton being Notley - spelled backwards.) The business remained in the family for a number of generations; by the 1950s it was in the hands of Francis Starkey Bouquet, the husband of Mabel Adeline Notley ( P.T Notley's daughter)[1].

Part of number 7 was used for antique sales around 1960[2], with a lady's hairdressing salon - Joanna's - within the hotel during the 1970s[3].

On the 17th of February 1979, there was a major rock-fall from the cliffs behind the hotel, completely destroying one room.[4].

Now known as the White Rock Hotel.


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