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Woolworths in Hastings opened in 1927, in a purpose built building that had been created on the site of 2-6 Wellington Place and 15-20 Pelham Street. Previously, the site had been occupied by Messrs. Metcalfe and Kirkpatrick[1].

The building had four storeys with a roof level looking out over Wellington Square through four windows. The third floor also had unusual round windows.

There would appear to have been a cafeteria in the building which received a revamp in 1934[2]

During the 1960s, the building had something of a makeover with large square blue tiles hung over several of the outside faces of the elongated pentagonal building. The fascia board received several face-lifts over the following decades until Woolworths as a chain went into liquidation, resulting in the stores closure on the 29th of January 2009. The building did not remain empty for long however, becoming a Sports Direct store, however retaining many of the architectural quirks of the building including the retro tiles installed during the 1960s, albeit painted grey.[3]

St. Leonards Store

Woolworths 10-11 Kings Road 1954.png

This store opened in 1954 at 10/11 Kings Road[4][5], with a new shopfront being installed, and remained throughout the 1960s, however there is very little documentary evidence of it, less so photographs, all that has been found is a drawing from a planning application.


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