West Marina Railway Station

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Opened7 November 1846 (1846-11-07)
Closed10 July 1967 (1967-07-10)

Also known as 'Bo Peep' station. Construction started in January 1846, with of 80 navvies cutting into the hills behind the station to level the site in preparation for building the station and associated yards[1].

Prior to 1847 when the station opened, the halt was some distance to the west at Glyne Gap adjacent to the New England Bank. This station served as a terminus for the railway when it first came to the town, passengers for St. Leonards and Hastings had to disembark and utilise carriages for the remaining journey. A resolution was raised in 1845 at a parish meeting held in the New England Bank to permit a straight-line railroad be formed between there and west-Marina to facilitate a line through to Warrior Square Railway Station and ultimately Hastings Railway Station:

“That it would be highly desirable to concur with the Railway Company now forming a station at Bopeep, in making a straight line of road between the Fountain Inn, and Harley Shoot, or such part thereof as may be arranged, and in raising the whole or such part as may be made to a level with the railway station; and that the surveyors be authorised, with the consent of the proprietors and occupiers of the premises over which the line of road will pass, to permit the Railway Company to raise and form such road, the surveyors fencing and beaching it, if necessary, at the expense of the parish.”[2]


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