Titus Oates (1649-1745)

From Historical Hastings

Born in Oakham[1] to the Baptist preacher Samuel Oates and his wife Lucy, who was a midwife, Oates was baptised with his brother, Constant at All Saints Church on the 20th of November 1660[2]. Oates would appear to have been a sickly child, in his own words - "being much troubled with convulfion-fits and fmall hope of life"[3]. Educated at Merchant Taylor’s School in 1655, Oates was expelled in his first year. He entered Cambridge University as a poor scholar in 1667, where according to his tutor, Dr Thomas Watson[4],

“He was a great dunce, ran into debt; and, being sent away for want of money, never took a degree.”

Oates later joined his father, becoming rector of All Saints Church. Titus wished to become head-teacher at Parker's School, however William Parker was in the role at that time. Titus and his father therefore made an allegation of sodomy against Parker, but the case was quashed, with Oates Sr losing his living and Oates Jr charged with perjury, fined £1,000 and thrown into prison at Dover[4].

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