Thomas Crouch(1730–1817)

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Thomas Crouch

Thomas and his brother Lovell are recorded as leasing the following lands from Edward Milward for a year in 1766[1]:

Edward Milward of Hastings esq to Thomas Crouch and Lovell Crouch of Hastings, mercers.

In consideration of 5s.
Milward grants them:

The messuage, tenement or manor house, barn, garden, orchards and several pieces of land adjoining called the Great Cliff-Field, the Church Field, the Homming Row, the Two Little Crofts, the Little Cliffe-Field, the Eight Acres, the Two Barn-Field, the Bushy Lands, the Wett Woods, the Coney-burrow Fields, the Nine Acre Meadow, the Forestall, the Hopgarden, the Walk Meadow, the Corner Meadow, the Corner Meadow, the Molehilly Meadow, the Hopgarden Fields, the Pitt Field, the Dung Meadow, the Strakes, the Rush-Brook, the Gate Brook and the Cherry Fields in Fairlight, 165 acres, late in the occupation of John Waite and now Milward, his undertenants or assigns.

The messuage or tenement with the stables, outhouses, buildings, gardens, orchards and several pieces of land adjoining called Goldboroughs otherwise Gobers, 30 acres in Fairlight, late in the occupation of Richard Roffe and now Milward or his assigns.

The barn, buildings, closes and several pieces of land belonging called Goldboroughs otherwise Gophers in Fairlight, 35 acres, late in the occupation of Robert Tunbridge and now Milward, his undertenants or assigns.

The lands, tenements and premises with the appurtenances called the Sampier Cliffe with the samphire growing there, together with free liberty to gather it; the right of fishery and letting nets in the sea and on the sea coast under these cliffs; all the usual and accustomed ways and passages to and from the cliff belonging for fetching and carrying away the samphire with cattle carts and carriages or otherwise, in Fairlight or All Saints. These adjoining other lands and tenements of Milward, formerly the estate of Thomas Carleton and purchased by Milward from his heirs, descendants or representatives.

Also all ways, paths, passages, easements, waters, watercourses, commons, common pasture, rights of fishery, feedings, wastegrounds, profits, privileges, advantages, emoluments, hereditaments, rights, members and appurtenances to these.

Crouch and Crouch to have these from 11 Mar 1766 for one pepper corn on the last day of the term if demanded.

Signed and sealed: Edward Milward.

References & Notes

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