The Shelves

From Historical Hastings

The Shelves were land at on which the Fortune of Warwas later constructed by Thomas Sinnock around 1824. Records of the Manor of Ore showed a rent payable of 2s9d[1]

1650 June In possession of William Batherst, 18 acres adjoining land called "Gatemans" and "Clownhill"
1670-1681 William Parker
1691 son, William, paid 2s 9d heriot
1734 same
1789 Robert Thatcher to son, John
1806 John Thatcher died without a live beast. John Thatcher of Pevensey.
1810 Thomas Sinnock. Constructed Fortune of War around 1824
? Francis Henbrey
?1835 Thomas Breeds died 1840; to James Emary, Peter Rolt and Martha Breeds widow in trust for sale.

References & Notes

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