Talk:J. Manwaring Baines (1910-2002)

From Historical Hastings

Unused notes from Ann at OHPS

"John used to write regular historical pieces for the Hastings Observer and the Museum has a large collection of his notes etc. The contents of this have been published and you can probably buy a copy from the Hastings and Rother Family History Society at Ore Centre."

"He married Sae also from Leeds I believe and I think he first trained as a Dr. Re Local Papers these belong to the Hastings Local History Group - the more recent ones are easy to access when the History House is open [Thursdays to Saturdays 11-4, possibly not Fridays for the next 2 weeks due to holidays) but the 1980 and earlier are more difficult as they are store upstairs and you would need to contact Brian Lawes or David Renno who would get them down for you. Marion and Brion Purdey of the Hastings and St Leonard's Museum Association would also be able to help with information I am sure. I do have a taped interview with JMB when Steve Peak and I asked him various questions on local History."