Red Lake United Reformed Church

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Red Lake United Reformed Church
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LocationGrove Road
Architect(s)Henry Ward

This Congregational chapel built on Grove Road to serve Ore village - meetings having previously been held in the open air - and associated areas opened in 1890, the original building only lasting for thirteen years. The Henry Ward replacement of red brick and stone in an interpretation of the Perpendicular Gothic Revival style opened in 1903. Having been registered for marriages in July 1905, the church maintained its congregation until between 1974 and 1976 when the registration was revoked.

Following a union between the Congregational Churches and Presbyterian Churches in 1962, the church was named the Red Lake United Reformed Church; prior to that it was known as Redlake Congregational Church. The building hosted a youth club later in the 1960s, prior to closure as a place of worship.


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