Queensbury House

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Queensbury House
General information
Address1 Havelock Road
Postal CodeTN34 1BP
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Admin. Information
Electoral/Planning WardCASTLE Pre May 2018
Prop. Ref. No.100062570494

Queensbury House was constructed on the site of number 1, Havelock Road (the Railway Hotel) during the mid 1960s. The prominent eight-storey building with a sub-basement on Priory Street has had a number of uses other than simply offices since its construction including residential usage, the most recent being a proposed conversion into a hotel with over 100 rooms in 2020[1], however the building proved to be structurally unstable, with the brick cladding falling - this leading to the building being slated for demolition in 2022.


References & Notes

  1. Hastings Borough Council Planning application ref HS/FA/20/00031