Priory Road School

From Historical Hastings

On the 28th Apr 1890, a special meeting of the Hastings School Board agreed to build two new schools. One, a boys school, would be on the corner of Priory Road and Croft Road, replacing the Bourne Walk Schools. The architect was Mr F. H. Humphreys, of 6 Trinity Street. The other, for both boys and girls, would be in Clive Vale, on the site already partly occupied by the Clive Vale Infant School, in Githa Road. The mayor said it was unfortunate they were having to build two schools in one year, but they were required by law to meet such demand. He believed there would be no demand for more new schools for some years.


Following a merger with Hastings Grammar School around 1980, the buildings were variously used by local authority departments, finally being converted to housing in 2002[1]


References & Notes

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