Hermann Apel (1833–1877)

From Historical Hastings

The musician Hermann Apel was born in Germany and emigrated to England. A son William died in 1869 aged 2 and his daughter Caroline Elizabeth in 1871. By 1871, his wife had passed away, leaving him living with his sons, Albert and Hermann at his uncle's house at 3 Dorset Place in 1871, sharing the house with two other musicians (Henrich Koether and Alfred Willmore)[1]. By 1872, he and his sons, Hermann and Albert moved next door, again with his uncle (Joseph Collins) to numbers 1 & 2 Dorset Place (a beer-house known as the 'Dripping Well'. Herman was known to have played euphonium with 'Herr Cluckner's Town Band'[2]. There is reference to a Hermann Apel running a shop at 19 Russell Street in 1867, but it is, as yet, uncertain as to whether this is the same individual[3].

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