Baldslow Mill

From Historical Hastings

The original Baldslow Mill was a 200 year old Post Mill located at the highest spot in Hastings on what is now The Ridge was ultimately owned by a Mr Hayward (-c1848). The mill and associated land and properties were left in a bequest to his nephew, John Hayward who pulled the Post Mill down in around 1856/7 and erected a smock mill on the site of the original mill.[1]

Post Mill

The new mill featured five floors with a cap which moved automatically to face the wind. This was constructed by Messrs Upfields, a well known Sussex millright. After losing its sweeps in a gale, the mill was subsequently operated by steam power.[1]

Conversion to Dwelling

Later the mill was purchased by a Mr F. Richmond who cut off the top floors and turned it into the property that still stands on the site to this day.[1]


:;The Ridge;1650;1890


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