Ashdown House

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Constructed during the early 1980s on land between Sedlescombe Road North and Harrow Lane, this ​building​ was originally constructed for the Property Services Agency, later part of the site was used by the Department for Health and Social Security, then the Child Support Agency.

Following the building becoming vacant, part of the lower ground floor (previously utilised as a data-centre) became a firing range and paintball venue. The former was subject to the theft of an M4 rifle from the range by Craig Savage, the rifle later being used to commit two murders in Bexhill Road. Savage was arrested on the beach behind Bexhill Road and subsequently jailed for 38 years[1].

In September 2021, plans were submitted for the construction of 152 new homes and a supermarket to be occupied by Aldi, providing a forecast 50 jobs on the site[2], these plans being approved on the 19th of January, 2022[3], and the office building was demolished in 2023, with large-scale groundworks taking place in 2024 in anticipation of laying out the estate roads.


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