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Destruction of Albany Hotel  +
Opening of Albany Hotel  +
Foundering of the Amsterdam at Bulverhythe  +
Grand Concert at Hare and Hounds  +
Launch of the Diligence cutter from Ransom and Ridley's Shipyard  +
Baron Douglas Collision and grounding  +
Highest tide of 19th Century  +
135 round boxing match between Fred Whiteman and Mr. Neves  +
Fall of cliff between Castle Street and Breeds Place  +
Formation of 'Night Watch' with 160 citizens to prevent robberies  +
Inquisition into the America Ground at the George Hotel, Battle  +
Launch of Lord Chesterfield's Cutter  +
Launch of Revenue Cutter 'The Bee'  +
Opening of a Co-Operative store in Winding Street with 160 members  +
Seizure of 55 packages of contraband, a fishing boat, three men and two boys whilst smuggling  +
Seizure of fishing boat by Watchmen  +
Seizure of the 'Rose' caught smuggling 115 tubs of brandy  +
Seizure of the pleasure yacht Atlanta  +
First St. Leonards Yacht Regatta  +
Seizure of a boat, five men and 106 smuggled tubs of spirits  +