Mount Pleasant Road

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Mount Pleasant Road
Completion1897 (approx)


Most of Mount Pleasant Road was completed between 1873[1] and 1897. The road is named after Mount Pleasant House which stood to the north of the current road. Due to new houses being constructed on the north side of Mount Pleasant Road between Hughenden Road and Priory Road circa 1896, it became necessary to carry out a partial re-numbering of houses in that section of the road.[2], with a further renumbering taking place in 1901. Please note that prior to the 1896 renumbering the numbering used to run in the opposite direction to the current scheme; number 1 was at the Priory Road end as opposed to the Elphinstone Road end.


During both the 1896 and 1901 renumberings, plans were drawn up to show the new house numbers



Name Street No From To
Acres the Bakers Ltd 15 1956 1970
Chesham Lodge 22
Colley Haw 24
Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant House 45 1860 1901
O. J. Kyle & Sons 114 1904 1923
The Limes 20
Windermere 26


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