Halton Barracks

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Summary[edit | edit source]

Halton Barracks were erected on what had previously been known as the "Gallows Field". [1]

A portion of land measuring approximately 30 acres was sold to the government in 1790 to build Halton Barracks.[1](the year is stated to be 1798 elsewhere[2]) After serving their purpose, they were sold for £7,000 approximately a quarter of their cost in 1823[3] to Boykett Breeds & Co. for building. Part of the site was taken over during the early 1900s by the Salvation Army.

It should be noted that the Hastings Chronicle website has the date of purchase of the land much later at 1804, describing an army of tradesmen being sought for construction of the site. The website also claims that the land was sold in 1823 to Mark Breeds for the sum of £3,000.[4]

Although not strictly contemporaneous with the creation of the barracks, it is recorded that around 1800, there were approximately 12,000 troops garrisoned in and around the town, the scale of this can be gained by comparison with the civilian population at the same time of some 3,500 individuals.[5]

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