1832 Town Commissioners

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In 1832, an act entitled "An Act for Paving, Lighting, Watching, Cleansing and Improving the Town and Port of Hastings, and for establishing and regulating Market therein and supplying the inhabitants with Water, and for other purposes." was passed. Amongst other clauses, it details the names of townspeople nominated to serve as Commissioners. A list of the names is below, the number of persons to be made up to 100 by ballot[1]

William Amoore
John Adams
William Bayley
Wastel Brisco
James Breeds
William Bishop
Thomas James Breeds
Solomon Bevill
Thomas Breeds
Thomas Baker Baker
Boykett Breeds
William Breeds
John Bayley the younger
George Bennet
Charles Steevens Crouch
Benjamin Coffrett
Walter Crouch
Nathaniel Crouch
George Bristow Carpenter
John Coussens
William Campbell
Richard Chandler
William Chapman
William Camac
William Duke
Thomas Daniel
Arthur Deudney
George Duke
William Edwards
William Ellis
John Eaton
Thomas Reeve Emary
James Emary
Thomas Foster
Edward Fermor
Matthew Fagg
John Gill
Rickman Godlee
Richard Harman overseer
Joseph Hannay
John Hide
Thomas Curtis Hutchinson
Francis Henbrey
Richard Harman innkeeper
Anthony Harvey the younger
George Jackson
John Inskipp
Charles John Jeudwine
Charles Lavender
James Lansdell
William Longley
Edward Milward
John Manington
Jonathan Mose
William Marden
Charles Frederick Mott
Frederick North
Samuel Nash
Thomas Phillips
John Plummer
Peter Malapert Powell
George Robinson the elder
George Robinson the younger
William Ransom the younger
William Ridley
John Russell
John Goldsworthy Shorter
William Lucas Shadwell
William Scrivens the younger
George Strickland
Benjamin Standen
William Standen
John Smith baker
John Smith stonemason
George Stonestreet
Griffin Stonestreet clerk
Wiliam Thorpe
Henry Thwaites
Richard Tutt
George Tutt
Thomas Thwaites sailmaker
John Tree
John Thwaites
John Townsend
Webster Whistler clerk
Thomas White
Abraham Wood
John Williams the younger
Edmund Weekes
Humphrey Wickham
Stephen Welfare
William Winter
William Wellerd
Nicholas Harrison Wimble
Sir Wathen Waller baronet
William Wallinger clerk
William Blicers Wallis