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The Cutter Inn of 13 East Parade, formerly 13 West Beach Street

From the title deeds received by Jonn Tutt in 1792, we have the early history as follows:

9 Jan 1710 Mortgage by demise for 500 yrs from Thomas and John Chamberlaine to Robert Gibon of a messuage and stable in S/C for securing £70 and interest.
6 Feb 1711 Release in fee from John Chamberlaine to Richard Page of a messuage on the Stonebeach.
13 Feb 1711 Release of dower from Mrs Sarah Chamberlaine widow of Thomas
8 Apr 1723 Feoffment in fee from Henry Sargent to Richard Puge of a shop in S/C on the Stonebeach
10 Mar 1735 Feoffmt from William Phillips the younger and Anne h.w. to Richard Page in fee of a shop near the Fishmarket.
Mich term 28 Geo LL (1754) Exemplification of a recovery, John Collier dem. Willm Cranston ten. John Page vouchee of 2 mess, 2 gdns, 3 acres of land, 3 of meadow and 3 of pasture in S/C and Westfield


1832:Elizabeth Bell (Poss. related to James Bell, valet to Lord Nelson)[1][2][a]


References & Notes

  1. At this time the ​road​ was known as West Beach.
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