Sun Lounge

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Sun Lounge

The correct name as per local planning documents is the Marina Pavilion[1].

Built in the same year as Marine Court by Sidney Little using reinforced concrete, steel and glass the building was a striking piece of contemporary architecture at the time. The Sun Lounge (also known as 'The Solarium') became a popular spot with tourists, being prominently featured in advertising of the 1930s. The building incorporated a cafe/restaurant and performance space where many popular musicians of the period performed for the visitors. There were sea views through the extensively glazed semi-circular solarium which was the main space within the building. The building also found usage later as the home of the Hastings Chess Congress and as a bingo hall. Modifications to form a new entrance took place in 1978[2]/

In 1985 the facade underwent an extensive refurbishment.[3]

Converted into the Azur circa 2004.

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