Information for indexing images

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This wiki utilises semantic indexing to help categorise what appears in the many images stored upon the Wiki.
Several templates have been implemented to assist those carrying out classification;

  • {{Visible|[object]}}: This inserts text relating to any objects, roads, buildings etc visible in the photograph. Please only insert one object per tag, replacing the whole [object] part with the full name. - the tag can be repeated as many times as necessary.
  • {{VH|[object]}}:As per the {{Visible}} template above, this inserts the object but does not show the input text on the image file page.
  • {{Circa|[date]}}: This inserts the date of the image. Most historical images can only be dated approximately. If, however, an exact date is known use [[Date::[date] ]]
  • {{Photographer|[Photographers name]}} This allows images to be attributed to a specific photographer/artist.
  • {{Caption|[caption text}}: Used if image has a filename that does not give any information about the image e.g. 'IMG1022.jpg'.

When inputting items, please only use the object/place name in the singular if there is more than one - this prevents confusion!

A sample set of templates for a photograph taken by Joe Bloggs of 'Freds Butchers' in Queens Road dated to 1960 would appear like this:

{{Visible|Freds Butchers}} {{Visible|Queens Road}} {{Circa|1960}} {{Photographer|Joe Bloggs}}

It is also helpful to give some information as to source of image or the origin if known. This can be put under a divider as follows;

== Source ==
The source of the image

If there is a caption on the images or catalogue number (such as on a postcard), please put this into the source/attribution area.