Harry Boyd (1868-1954)

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Early Days[edit | edit source]

In 1899 Harry Bartram Boyd was living and working in Hastings. Around 1899, Harry Boyd took over Richard Hill's photographic studio at 52 High Street. By 1901, Boyd had moved to a studio at 115 High Street, Hastings.( The photographer George Talma had worked from 115 High Street from 1896 to 1899 and by 1900, the studio at 115 High Street was occupied by the photographer JD Ablett).[1]

When the 1901 Census was taken, Harry B. Boyd was living at 115 High Street, Hastings with two of his children - six year old Harry Boyd junior and Maud Boyd, aged 10. Mrs Caroline Boyd, Harry Boyd's estranged wife, was working as a laundress and living in West Ham, in the East End of London, with her three daughters, Martha Caroline ("Dolly"), May and Lily.[1]

Affair[edit | edit source]

Harry Boyd had apparently entered into a relationship with his servant Alice Eliza Moss (born 1879, Stepney, East London ) and in the September quarter of 1900, in Hastings, she had given birth to a child named Alice Boyd Moss. At the time of the 1901 Census, Harry Boyd is recorded as a self-employed photographer and is shown living at 115 High Street, Hastings with his daughter Maud, his son Harry junior, twenty-one year Alice Moss, and her daughter, seven month old Alice. Also living at 115 High Street, Hastings, was Harry Boyd's assistant, thirty-four year old photographer, Harry John French ( born 1867, Hastings), his wife Mildred, and their six year old son, Howard.[1]

Expansion[edit | edit source]

From 1903, Harry Boyd was operating more than one studio in Hastings. By 1905, Harry Boyd had a studio at 115 High Street in the Old Town area of Hastings and another at 21 White Rock on Hastings' seafront. By 1906, the studios went under the name of Boyd & Co. and Harry Boyd was operating three separate studios in Hastings - one at his home at 115 High Street, a second at 64 High Street and a third at 194 Queens Road. Around 1907, Harry Boyd closed the studio at 115 High Street, but the photographers he employed continued to take portraits at Boyd's two other premises at 64 High Street and 194 Queens Road, Hastings. In 1908, Arthur Herbert Malins (born c1886, Hastings), Boyd's former studio manager, took control of the studio at 194 Queens Road, Hastings.[1]

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