Northend Cross

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J. Manwaring Baines states in Historic Hastings that this forgotten place name is positioned at approximately the junction of High Street and Courthouse Street.

The placename is mentioned in the will of an Edmund Franke of Hastings in 1558 and it was the location of the town Gallows.

There is further mention in the 'Deed of partition: Mrs [Cordelia] Murray'[1]; "Two pieces of land, one being one of the pieces called the Gulphs and the other called Haltons in St Clements, abutting to the highway or street from Hastings to North End Cross to the E, to certain other lands late of Joseph Tucker' gent to the S, to the other piece of land called the Gulphs to the W and to lands of Thomas Cruttenden gent late Hydes to the N, now in the occupation of widow Patrick."