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Type Age of Subject
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This template is designed to be used with articles that cover a defined age of a specific topic.


{{Infobox age of subjects
<!--Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics-->
|type       = 
|subject    = 
|image      = <!-- filename format only -->
|imagesize  = <!-- default 225 -->
|caption    = 
|date1      = 
|date2      = 
|parentage  = 
|prevage    = 
|nextage    = 
|subage     = 
|subage#    = 
|see        = 
|see#       = 
  • type - The team used when describing the "age", such as "'Golden' Age of Television", "'Silver' Age of Comics", or "'Modern' Age of Radio". The rem should be capitalized.
  • subject - The subject of the age. This should also be capitalized.
  • Placing images in the infobox uses two fields:
    • image which is just the filname of the image. The template will add the markup to show the image.
      Example: image= example.jpg
    • imagesize which is the width the image will display at. The template will only accept a number here. If left empty or if a string (such as "200px") is entered, the image will default to 225px wide.
      • If you find the image to be too tall, reduce the size below 225px.
      • The parameter is capped at maximum width of 225. Entering values grater than this will result in the default setting being used.
      • The image will also cap at 400 in height.
  • The caption will appear below the image.
  • date1 and date2 - The beginning and end dates of the age. Currently there is no formatting being applied to these fields.
  • parentage - If the subject of the article is a sub-section of another age.
  • prevage - The sequential age immediately preceding the subject.
  • nextage - The sequential age immediately folllowing the subject.
  • subage and subage# - If the topic is divided into 2 or more subsections, they can be listed using these fields. At a minimum, subage and subage1 would be needed. Additional subdivisions can be added with additional subage# fields, replacing the "#" with a number. The template is designed to allow an additional 8 (#s 2-9) fields in this way.
  • see and see# - Listing topics related to the subject. see is the initial related article, additional articles can be added with see#, replacing the "#" with a number. The template is designed to allow an additional 9 (#s 1-9) fields in this way.

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