St Mary Magdalen Church

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Constructed in 1852 for Anglican worshippers in St Leonards, this church was consecrated on the 14th of September 1852.[1]

Organ[edit | edit source]

The organ was rebuilt by the firm of W. Hill & Sons in 1903. Improvements carried out are as follows; Addition of Choir to Great coupler, addition of trumpet and the pedal action replaced by a pneumatic one. A recital to demonstrate the new capabilities of the instrument was carried out by Dr White, the organist on the 15th of August 1903.[2]

Suffragette Protest[edit | edit source]

On the 8th of February 1914, the normal service was interrupted by a suffragette protest, this church having not complied with a request sent to several churches in the borough to pray for guidance in the woman's movement. A number of other churches reportedly had complied, among them being St Mary in the Castle Church, Emmanuel Church, St Pauls Church and Fairlight Church.[3]

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