Pageant of Heroes

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During Whit Week, June 1st to 6th, 1914, Hastings hosted a 'Pageant of Heroes'. This week was dedicated to celebrate those famous men and women that had some connection to the town throughout history. The pageant was the idea of an Argus reporter, Mr. Charles A. Farmer, and culminated in a procession of vehicles, pedestrians and animals decorated in such a way to represent the aforementioned individuals.[1].

Individuals/events recognised in date order;

  • 1066 - The Last Stand (Battle of Hastings); Illustrated by P. W. Cole & E. Leslie Badham[1]
  • 1066 - William the Conqueror; Poem by Thomas Campbell[1]
  • 1269 - John O'Gaunt; Illustrated by P. W. Cole[1]
  • 1661 - Edmund Waller; Designed by Mr Emmerson[1]

In addition to the parade, commemorative tablets were placed upon properties associated with the aforementioned people and events.


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